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The Student News Site of North Polk High School

The Orbit

The Student News Site of North Polk High School

The Orbit

Victims of the Des Moines charter school shooting, East High School shooting and an image of East High School. (From top left-to-right: Gionni Dameron, Rashad Carr, Jessica Lopez; From bottom left-to-right: Kemmery Ortega, Jose David Lopez, East High School.) Photo compilation made by Zoe Marquez with images from GoFundMe, Instagram and Google Images.
“These are kids killing kids,”
Zoe Marquez, Editor • February 7, 2023

As of Jan. 31, 2023, there has already been over 50 mass shootings within the United States and over 80 people killed in said shootings according to the Gun Violence Archive Organization....

New Editor in Town
New Editor in Town
Zoe Marquez, Newspaper Editor • January 5, 2023

With a new semester, new classes, new teachers, and new opportunities to come in 2023, I thought that it would be the perfect time to introduce myself as the new member of the...

We’re not Speechless
Olivia Moody, Newspaper Editor • March 7, 2023
Art Interest at NP
Cora Gustason , Intro to Journalism Student • December 21, 2022
New North Polk High School Show Choir
Olivia Nefzger , Intro to Journalism Student • December 20, 2022
The Importance of Making Connections
Olivia Moody, Newspaper Editor • March 20, 2023
Poster for “The Social Dilemma” from IMDb.
“The Social Dilemma” Documentary Review
Zoe Marquez, Editor • March 10, 2023
A picture taken with some co- workers during some down time at Wendys.
Be Nice to Fast Food Workers!
Zoe Marquez, Editor • March 2, 2023

I grew up always having people working. Whether it was my parents, teachers or places where my family went to find entertainment. Even with this, I never came to comprehend...

Comments on my first ever story published on “The Orbit” showing support from some friends in regards to my story, the W’s meaning “win.”
Finding My Passion?
January 30, 2023
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Girls basketball team celebrating their win at the semi-finals. Image from the North Polk Flickr.
State Bound Comets
Zoe Marquez, Editor • March 8, 2023
Emma Dagget (right) and Elyse Engebretson (left) in the Ankeny Girls Wrestling gear.
Making History
Zoe Marquez, Editor • January 31, 2023
Screenshot taken from the North Polk High School website. This page provides the Registration Guide for students, as well as registration information for DMACC classes.
New Year, New Opportunities
Zoe Marquez, Editor • February 13, 2023

As conversations about the selection of yearly classes are brought up in early February, new opportunities are brought into North Polk High School (NPHS) for not only incoming...

Infinite Campus page [used by North Polk District] showing the calculation of the weight in Summatives and Formatives.
The Impact of the Grading System
Zoe Marquez, Editor • January 17, 2023

Ever since the current grading system at North Polk has been placed, it has become a topic that can be seen as both a positive and a negative. This being not only by the student’s...

Going Digital
Jack VandeKrol , Intro to Journalism Student • December 21, 2022

Within the past few years, there have been some severe educational challenges when it comes to schools bouncing back from global quarantine due to Covid-19 in 2020. One of the...


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Ali Lundgren
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Charlie Rhoads
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Student Council President Mason Stokes preparing for the delivery of the “Crush Cans,” provided by the North Polk Student Council Instagram account.
Love is in the Air,
Zoe Marquez, Editor • February 22, 2023
Boy Scouts at North Polk
Aidan Trier , Intro to Journalism Student • December 20, 2022

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