Senior Celebrations

Little ways to celebrate the class of 2021 in a school year like no other

The class of 2021 has had one of the most unpredictable senior years. Their senior trip to Washington, D.C. was canceled, and the school still wanted the seniors to have an opportunity to get together and enjoy their final few weeks of high school. So, several events during and after the school day were planned for the seniors to participate in.

“I thought the senior outings were really fun,” senior Sophie Vernon said. “It was super nice of Mr. Poldberg and Mr. Sinclair to schedule some fun things because we couldn’t go on our senior trip this year.”

On May 5, 2021, the senior class went to Big Creek in Polk City to have a barbecue and relax on the beach of the lake. Students were able to enjoy good food and hang out with their friends on a nice sunny day. It was during the school day, and provided an outlet for the seniors to get together and enjoy their time together. 

“My favorite activity was the Big Creek barbecue,” Vernon said. “It was a really nice day outside, and I got to hang out with my friends.” 

Senior Aden Burdine also enjoyed the barbecue at Big Creek. “It was a super nice day outside, and it was just really chill overall.”

A little over a week later on May 14, seniors got to enjoy food from The Big Red Food Truck, and afterwards, got a free scoop of ice cream from The Outside Scoop. This event took place during lunch, where the senior class made their way outside to grab a bite to eat.

Just a few days ago on Wednesday, May 19, the senior class made their way down to Principal Park to watch the Iowa Cubs play. They left school around 11 a.m, and were seated by the time the Cubs threw their first pitch.

Though the 2021 school year gave the senior class many obstacles to overcome, they were still ultimately able to enjoy their last few weeks of high school with one another.

“I thought the senior outings were a good way to make up for the cancellation of the senior trip,” Burdine said. “It gave us our own special events that allowed us to just hang out with our friends and enjoy the last couple weeks of school.”