Making Science Fun

Evan Groepper

Making Science Fun

Bella Brandi, JP Writer

After graduating from high school at North Polk High School Evan Groepper attended Iowa State University where his main goal was to become a teacher. Groepper has taught science for about 18 years. He currently teaches biology, forensics, anatomy and physiology. In the past he has taught 7th grade science and zoology. Originally, Groepper had an interest in teaching both science and math. Later, he realized he enjoyed science classes more than the math classes he took which led him to teach science. 

Additionally, he decided to become a teacher in high school when he was influenced by a friends’ dad. “I also dealt with a job that influenced me to work in that field,” Groepper stated.

Groepper enjoys working with students and having them collaborate with each other while building relationships between staff members and students by creating an enjoyable work environment. 

 “My favorite part about teaching is probably the interactions with people, working colleague to colleague,” Groepper added, “I like how no day is the same, since you’re working with humans, things might change.” 

Though being a teacher is hard work, teachers have to stick to a routine and follow a built in curriculum. “My least favorite part is the inflexibility of the day,” Groepper included, “You are held accountable to be at a certain place at a certain time, sometimes it can be hard to accomplish things.” 

Other than teaching, Groepper enjoys many sports. He usually keeps up with Iowa State athletics. He also coaches high school football and boys’ basketball at North Polk. 

“I’m not sure what I would do other than teaching, I would probably coach college,” Groepper noted. 

He enjoys listening to various music artists such as Blue Bay Fiasco, Little Wayne, 2Pac and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Groepper also enjoys spending time with his family, he has two kids that he enjoys playing with. 

Groepper has many years of teaching ahead of him; eventually he plans to fulfill a normal retirement.