Individual Speech Moves on to State


Freshman Addy Happ practices her original oratory while waiting for feedback from speech coach Tia Stubbs. “I already wrote a similar speech in 8th grade and I wanted to work off of that,” said Happ.

Bella Brandi , JP Student Writer

Although public speaking may seem to come naturally to people in speech, it takes many hours of practice and memorization. Many students who participate in individual speech are proceeding to the State competition on March 12.

After moving on to State for group improv, Junior Caden McCoy decided to join individual speech; he will participate in the acting category, where he will also be going to State. “This is my first year of speech, it’s very nerve racking, but it’s been fun. My favorite part is going to competitions and meeting people who have similar interests,” stated McCoy.

For his category, McCoy has to memorize and act out a six minute monologue. To prepare for his performance, McCoy would read his lines multiple times every night, “and I would try to memorize them with Mrs.Vernon and learn what her feedback is,” explained McCoy.

Similar to McCoy, freshman Addy Happ is starting her first year of individual speech after making it to State for short film in group speech. Instead, she will be going to State for original oratory. “My favorite part is watching people from North Polk perform but there’s less people in individual speech probably from the 15-30 range,” said Happ.

Both McCoy and Happ agree that they will be doing Speech next year; they didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as they did. 

“I was scared to get into it at first, but it’s one of the best things to get into, you meet a lot of new people and it’s helped me get over my anxiety,” expressed McCoy.