North Polk’s Production of “The Alibis” is Underway

Lucas Bakken, JP student writer

The North Polk High School is getting ready to put on their annual play. This year, the play chosen is called “The Alibis”. The play is a comedy based around the writings of author Agatha Christie. The play follows a detective trying to find the killer of an eccentric billionaire, however each suspect gives an alibi. 

The play is being directed/managed by teachers Susan Vernon and Sarah Seligman. Student leadership consists of Elijah McDonald (Director), Lilyan Leinen-Harjes (Costume Director & Director), Rianna Hasselblad, and Alayna Westphal (Stage Managers).

“The Alibis” stars the Arlington family while being interrogated for the murder of their great uncle and billion. Of course, hijinx later ensues, causing it to be an enjoyable show. 

Director and teacher Susan Vernon says “I chose this play primarily because it requires a very minimal and flexible set. Our high school stage is used for so many music concerts from other schools, that it cannot really be used as a dedicated theater space. This makes the selection of plays challenging and rules out a lot of serious theater. This show allows for a flexible set and a large cast, while still being quality theater. I think it will be really fun for all the kids and the audience.”

The play is also run by Sarah Seligman (middle school teacher). ” I am excited to be doing another mystery play with a funny twist. As a sixth-grade teacher, it is always great to see how much every student has grown in confidence and skill. My expectations for the play are high because I know that everyone will do their best. So everyone should make sure to come see the play in May,” Seligman said on the topic of expectations for the 2022 cast.

Some familiar faces throughout the upperclassmen are returning.  Grace Smithey (Junior) takes on the role of as Detective Casey Neptune and Jack Van De Krol (Junior) as Clyde Barlett. Most cast members were also part of 2022’s Speech group and got great feedback from that experience. 

On the topic excitement and anticipation, Van De Krol  said,  “I  am beyond excited and am so glad it is finally play season. This would be my third year, but unfortunately my freshman year, we were unable to perform and it got postponed, so this is only my second year. So stoked to see everyone grow as performers! Can’t wait to see what this year holds for all of us!”. 

Suffice to say, the cast is excited!