Color Me Successful

Sierra Mayberry, JP student writer

The NPHS students took part in the conference art show and Liz Huether, the High School art teacher, discussed her POV of the art show that was taking place. This is a good inside look on what everyone, not just Huether, goes through. 

Huether stated, “I really enjoy the idea of how last year it was virtual so you could actually observe the art work. But in the past years, it was in person where you could actually see it up close and get a really good look at it. But it was during the school day, so by the end of the day, they tore it down”, so parents didn’t really get the chance to see it. 

The pandemic brought about ideas for many new things, and a virtual art show is one that may stay around for awhile. And that makes it less stressful for Huether.

“I think our advanced students are very creative and so they get very into it, and with them it seems to run smoothly so I wouldn’t say I get stressed,” she stated. “I think the outcome will be just being able to get a lot of great work out there made by some amazing artists who need to be recognized.” 

Huether truly tries her hardest to be there for all of the students, and she always gives them the reassurance they are seeking in the moments of being distressed.  

“My favorite part would be just you all as artists and getting your work out there to be seen by other people. Also just seeing how proud you all get over your hard work.”

Huether is one who shows true interest in her students growth and success and is always there to help them when needed.