New North Polk High School Show Choir

Olivia Nefzger , Intro to Journalism Student

In 2021, Zach Howell, the middle school choir director started a show choir in the middle school, and this year, he is starting a show choir at the high school. 

The show choir has had many people join, and it is already a popular activity. 

“I have been in dance for 13 years and I really love singing so show choir just seemed like a really great way to be able to combine two things that I love,” Cora Reed said. 

The middle school show choir starting sparked interest in many high school choir students to consider joining the high school show choir. 

“My little sister is in the show choir and she had a fun time last year so she inspired me to go out for it,” Maddie Bond stated. 

Many new members of the show choir think that doing this new activity is fun but can sometimes be difficult, especially when trying to multitask. 

“I really like trying something new and it’s fun for me to try to do two things at once because I’m not very good at it so it’s entertaining to me,” Bond stated. 

In the show choir, there are four dance captains, and a few section leaders. The dance captains that were picked by the choreographer include Cora Reed, Maddie Bond, Jack Van de Krol, and Mason Stokes. 

“My favorite part of being dance captain is the perspective I get during rehearsals like being able to keep an eye on how everyone is doing,” Reed said. 

Show choir has already started in the first week of August, and it ends after the competitions around March fourth. They perform at many competitions and will perform at Comet Sensation, the yearly competition that North Polk High School hosts. Many show choir students are looking forward to the competition season. 

Bond stated, “Everyone should try out show choir and try something new. They’d have a great time.”