New North Polk Traditions

“North Polk Has Your Back Day”

Zoe Marquez, Intro to Journalism Student

In order to try and provide a sense of community and belonging in the North Polk School District, superintendent Michael Kline and the School Improvement Advisory Council (CIAC) created the concept of a school t- shirt given to every student and staff free of charge. 

The shirt is black with the words “North Polk Has Your Back” on the front  as well as the North Polk logo on the back of the shirt. The t- shirt is encouraged to be worn the first Thursday of every month by the staff and students of the North Polk School District. 

Kline stated that the idea was initiated during an activity held by the CIAC committee where a gallery walk was presented on ideas on how students could feel safe and welcomed. 

The shirts were provided to the North Polk District for free in order for students who may not be able to afford school gear and or for anyone that would want a piece of North Polk clothing. 

“I love sports so my analogy is when a team goes out on a field, they wear a uniform…that unifies them and having the same t- shirts for everyone is a unifying thing,” communicated Kline.

The shirts were first given out to the staff and students the week of and the week before homecoming. One of the themes given by the homecoming committee was “North Polk Has Your Back Day” which was combined with “Anything but a Backpack Day.” 

“It was an overall very positive feeling seeing all the different age groups…coming together.” Said Counselor Jacob Wolfe. 

This was in response to the wearing of the shirt by age groups ranging from students in the elementary schools to students in the high school building. 

“We have your back,” affirmed Kline as a final message for staff and students of the North Polk School District.