Boy Scouts at North Polk

Aidan Trier , Intro to Journalism Student

Many students do not realize that there is a boy scout troop affiliated with North Polk, yet the troop has been active in the community. Many people might just know them as the troop that sells cotton candy and snow cones, but the troop has done many other activities.

A boy scout troop is a group of young men who meet together to work on advancements and merit badges, a symbol of proof that they have mastered a topic in life. Inside of this group, there are also many leadership positions for the scouts to fill. Mitch Brasier, a junior at the high school, is the webmaster for the troop. 

“This position is in charge of the troop’s presence on the internet. An example of what I have done in this position is [create] the troop website that is available to the public,” Brasier reported.

There are ranks in scouts, from lowest to highest are scout, tenderfoot, second class, first class, star, life, and Eagle scout. 

“[Eagle scout] is one of the highest honors in scouting to achieve. To achieve it, you need to have earned at least 21 merit badges, serve in a leadership role in the troop for at least a year and a half total, and complete an eagle scout project of your own choice that benefits the community,” commented Brasier. 

Despite this huge undertaking, two scouts are undergoing the process of carrying out their eagle project; Aidan Trier and Jacob Blattel. 

“I plan on doing a flag retirement mailbox with the Legion so people can turn in their worn down flags,” Blattel said. 

Blattel, a junior, enjoys bonding with scouts and having a great time.

Brasier recommends that everyone consider joining scouts, “Even if you don’t want to spend too much time advancing through ranks, you can still have fun in boy scouts. All you need to be in scouts is the ability to try new things,” stated Brasier

The North Polk Troop’s website can be found here.