Track Team Growth

Ashlyn Davis, Intro to Journalism Student

The North Polk track teams have become very successful in the past few years. Each and every person has worked hard to get where they are. There have been numerous records broken in the recent years.

The coaching staff is a big part of North Polk track. The more coaches there are the easier it is for them to connect one-on-one with the players and better them in the best ways possible. 

Coach Scott Huether states, “Our coaching staff has started to grow.  Since we have more coaches we can specialize more on certain events and really help athletes 1 on 1, which leads to more success for the athletes.”

The North Polk track team has had many successful seasons, in 2008 the North Polk track team won state as an entire team. There have been 4 other events that have won state since Huether has been coaching.

Huether exclaims, “We won State as a team back in 2008, and we’ve had 4 different events win state since I’ve been coaching.”

There have been many records broken in the history of track. On the website Athletic Net + it shares every track record that has been broken.

For boys 100 meter, JD Elefeson holds the record with a time of 11.24 and this record was set in 2021. Girls 100 meter record holder is Sarah Humphery and her record was set in 2008. 

For a non running event like girls long jump, Tiana Gehling holds the record at 16’ 6.25, her record was set in 2022. For the boys long jump the record is held by Max Karpinski at 21’ 7.75 in 2016.

The North Polk track team has changed over the course of the years. Track has changed at North Polk for the best. It has become popular and the overall techniques have improved.

Coach Huether states, “The knowledge of the sport as far as mechanics, strength training, and running technique has improved.  Athletes are faster than ever. Also, the popularity of the sport has grown a lot at North Polk.  My first year coaching we had 25 girls out and last year we had around 50.”