Moody’s Moving Up

Zoe Marquez, Intro to Journalism Student

Olivia Moody, a North Polk senior, was selected to be a Page for the Iowa House of Representatives at the Capitol Building in downtown Des Moines. 

For the application process, Moody required a parent letter, a school transcript form and a list of activities and personal information. In addition, Moody also had a letter of recommendation from Jamie Beyer, the president of Central Iowa Beekeepers Association, and a lobbyist at the Capitol Building. 

“We’re really good friends and he [Beyers] knows me on a professional level,” expressed Moody. 

After applying in August and being accepted into the program in October of 2022, Moody will be starting to work as a page in early January of 2023.  

“My main jobs will be to transfer messages between representatives, lobbyists, as well as run possible bills to different places within the Capitol building, as well as running all the technology during their committee and sub- committee meetings and potentially during their all house debates” stated Moody on her duties as a page.

As a page, Moody will also be receiving a salary of $9.90 per hour as a paid internship for the House of Representatives according to the “Iowa Legislative Page Program Informational Packet.” In this packet, it is also stated that Pages will be receiving high school graduating credits, as well as be excused from any physical education requirements during their times as Pages.

Moody’s hours during this time will typically be from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, while attending school only on Fridays. 

“I pretty much won’t be at school all throughout the second semester,” stated Moody. 

She and the counselors have worked out that throughout the time of her internship she will only be taking one class, newspaper. This will continue throughout the duration of the internship that will go on until late April  2023. 

Despite the time commitment, Moody states that her interest began in 2016 when her sister applied for a position as a Page, and later on during a trip to the Capitol Building. 

“My sister interviewed for this position in 2016 and unfortunately did not get it, but that was kind of what piqued my interest,” expressed Moody.

Though she knew of this opportunity, Moody explained that she was young and did not fully comprehend what the position entailed. She later explained that during an eighth grade field trip to the state Capitol Building she was able to see Pages firsthand.

“ Seeing that I could be a part of politics really made me want to apply for the position, I’ve wanted this for a really long time,” said Moody. 

After fulfilling her role as a Page, Moody plans to minor in Political Science and believes that she will be able to benefit from this opportunity as well as it will furthermore prepare her for the future. Moody also expressed that it will benefit coming occupational opportunities when presented on a resume due to it being a position at the Capitol Building.

“I’ll be able to gain a lot of hands-on experience that not a lot of people are able to,” stated Moody, as well as expressing that it will provide an interesting view on the “behind the scenes action” that she will be able to be a part of.

Moody also talked about her initial excitement that the acceptance was not as she thought big due to her wanting the position for a long time, and explained that it was a feeling of satisfaction.

“I’ve been preparing to get it [the position] for so long that it wasn’t necessarily a shock,” said Moody about her initial reaction. 

Even with Moody’s preparation, she expressed that she is nervous about handling bills throughout the Capital Building as well as maintaining a positive profile. 

“I’m really excited to be a part of the political process, I’m really looking forward to it,” conveyed Moody.