Art Interest at NP

Cora Gustason , Intro to Journalism Student

North Polk High School provides a variety of art classes. Within those art classes, there are many positive aspects that could enhance ways of thinking, which provide more ways of creativity and could be beneficial to North Polk students. 

Mrs. Huether, an art teacher at North Polk High School, described the positives of taking an art class and the benefits that come with it. 

“The biggest benefit is giving yourself some time to think in a different way. Art just asks your brain to do something a little bit different. Giving yourself time to slow down and work through that,” stated Huether

There are a lot of positive aspects that come from taking an art class. With it, there are different varieties of students that take an art class whether they are interested in sports, math or science.

From online research statistically, about half of high school students participate in art education. From elementary school to high school, percentages go from 96 percent to 50 percent, which is a 36 percent decrease. 

North Polk art students were polled on why they took art classes and if they enjoyed taking art.

From the results, about 85 percent of students said they enjoyed art and about 15 percent of students said no or were unsure. 

The students were also polled on why they decided to take an art class. About 38 percent said they thought art was fun, 13 percent said for another elective, 16 percent said they were planning on having a career in art, 16 percent said because they thought Mrs. Huether was cool and 17 percent said they had other responses. 

Within North Polk high school the percentage of students who are in an art class is low. Art can be beneficial to many students in North Polk.

“We have a currently low number of students taking art classes so there is definitely room for other students to take art classes. There is a different feel to the environment when it’s not a super crowded room. We get a pretty good mix of personality types in here, so that’s always interesting,” stated Huether. 

In the midst of art classes, there is a different atmosphere or general aura of the art room that seems different from other classes. It is the type of setting that gives students a way to be creative and work their minds in a different way.

“Interesting seeing what people can do and saying well if they can do that maybe I could do this. So we kinda challenge each other. Where people get more creative with the atmosphere where we’re working” Huether stated. 

Kalven Owen, a senior art student, shares that art is something that anyone can do. 

“I think the atmosphere shifts a lot if you get more into it and you’re surrounded by people who want to help you and are involved in your creative process. A lot of people are like ‘oh I like art’. It’s a good way to debrief and you might find out something about yourself that you didn’t realize,” stated Owen.