Finding My Passion?


Zoe Marquez, Editor

For the past few years, like many other people my age, I have stressed on what my “calling” was, and/or finding a “passion.” Though I am still young, and know that I still have time to decide  which direction I want to go throughout life, the thought of being stuck in a place without a clue where to go always scared me, and still does.

I walked into my sophomore year still without a clue on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and I wanted to be able to find something that I might be interested in, and with a schedule change, and some words of recommendation from my English teacher, I was placed in Intro to Journalism. 

Some days in the class were tougher than others, such as the times when reviewing Associated Press (AP) Style, taking the quizzes almost caused me to have breakdowns. Even still, other parts of the class kept me going, and I was able to endure the dread of AP Style.

Being able to write about subjects that may not be too talked about, as well as the values of being a writer and being a voice to a group of people, gives me feelings of delight and triumph that I had not felt before taking Intro to Journalism. The thrill of interviewing someone I had never thought of being able to talk to, such as the Superintendent of the district, the satisfaction of finishing a story and seeing my name published on the school newspaper made me feel a sense of joy in a class that I had never experienced. 

 I knew that even though I could have gotten the feel for the other sections of journalism in the class Journalism Productions, I knew that I would ultimately end up choosing to be a writer and an editor for the newspaper either way. With the help of both my Intro to Journalism teacher, and my English teacher, I was able to start the opportunity of working in “The Orbit” this semester. 

Though it has been only one month since starting my experience as part of a staff of two, with Olivia Moody, I have received nothing but positivity from not only her, but also my teachers, students that have participated in polls, people that I have interviewed and others that have read the stories I have already published. 

Before Intro to Journalism and Newspaper, I would frequently look up “jobs with a good salary” and/or “what job deals with [set of my interests]” and with the various job titles that would come up, my mind would never have led me to being an editor and writer. 

Though I still do not know what my future will have in store for me, I will work hard and hope for the best in regards to my future occupation incorporating what I now consider to be one of my passions, writing.