Love is in the Air,

Or in this Case, Crush Cans


Student Council President Mason Stokes preparing for the delivery of the “Crush Cans,” provided by the North Polk Student Council Instagram account.

Zoe Marquez, Editor

The week before Valentine’s Day, the national holiday to celebrate love, the North Polk High School Student Council announced that they would be selling and delivering pop cans with special messages for the students and staff. 

The cans, with the fitting brand of Crush, were sold on Feb. 10, as well as on Feb. 13 in the commons at the beginning of day, during the three lunches and after school. The cans could be delivered either with the name of the sender and/or anonymously with messages on the cans.

Student Council President Mason Stokes voiced that the idea for “Crush Cans” was inspired by another school’s student council and was made unique to North Polk through some slight changes. 

Stokes stated through announcements on both social media and through the high school’s intercom that the money raised will be used for a new microwave and a possible toaster for the cafeteria. 

Students that have been using the microwave have said it is not working like it should, and the microwave takes longer to warm up food,” explained Stokes. The Student Council decided through student requests, the fundraiser would be dedicated to a new microwave, and a possible toaster. 

The cans were delivered on Feb. 14 during fourth period for the seniors, and fifth period, going into sixth period, for those in lower grade levels. Students, though some feeling shy with the attention, seemed to have an overall positive reaction. They appreciated receiving the sweet gift presented in both the sugar of the soda, but also the messages on them.

“It was cool to receive the Crush cans, but it was kind of embarrassing getting them during Government,” expressed senior Jaden Nickles. 

Student Council was able to sell approximately 300 cans of Crush, and though not knowing the exact profit, Stokes predicted that the money made was about $200. 

Furthermore, Stokes indicated that the turnout of the event went smoothly, and though a slight time crunch on labeling and delivering the cans, the sales and organization of the event ran “flawlessly.”