Making Up the Hours


A view of my backyard on a day that was canceled due to weather conditions.

Zoe Marquez, Editor

With Spring officially commencing on Monday, March 21, both students and staff reflect on the missed day’s and/or shortened days brought by the harsh Winter season. With a range of causes such as weather conditions, conferences and Winter sports staff and students had nine days that were canceled and/or shortened. 

With this, many students questioned the amount of days that would need to be made up. While Some expressed their discontent if the make-up days were to go further into Summer Break, others agreed due to circumstances. 

“I think it’s okay because we have to have a certain number of school hours, I don’t see anything wrong with it,” communicated student Addison Ollendike.

Fortunately, through an interview with North Polk superintendent Michael Kline, students could get a better understanding on how the make-up hours will occur, as well as how these decisions have come to be. 

Kline explained that school-year calendars are created a year in advance taking into account both students’ required amount of hours, and the teachers’ contract days. Students from freshman to junior years minimum amount of hours is 1,080, while seniors’ are only 1,050 hours. Contrary to hours, teachers go by contract days, in which they have to serve 189, this includes both parent-teacher conferences, as well as professional learning days.

Kline explains that despite the many days shortened and/or missed due to several factors, the hours truly missed for students by state requirement were only about three. This was due to the extra built-in hours, 27, which were used in the cases of losing student and staff hours. 

In order to meet the hours lost, in addition to the state requirement some alterations were made on the school calendar. Firstly, on Monday, April 10, the students will be attending school rather than it being a professional learning day, but will continue to be a Monday late-start. Secondly, on the last two Mondays of the school year, May 15 and 22, will be on a regular Tuesday- Friday schedule rather than it being a late start. As of now, the last day of the 2022-2023 school year will be Friday, May 31. 

Furthermore, Kline indicated that the make-up hours would not be affecting the day of senior graduation, which will take place Sunday, May 21 from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. 

Despite what might seem to some as adding on additional days rather than making up hours, Kline hopes that people are still able to enjoy school and its environment.

“I know there’s not a lot of off-days between now and May 31, but we want to make things fun and engaging. Hopefully it’s a great end of the school year for everyone,” he expressed.