The 2023 Comet Connections Ad Sales


Picture of some of the 2023 sponsors listed on “The Orbit.”

Zoe Marquez, Editor

The North Polk Journalism Department has been conducting Ad Sales for over 20 years. While non-journalism students may just see this as a day of skipping school, getting outside and having lunch with friends, Ad Sales are so much more. Below are some perspectives of the 2023 Journalism Department Ad Sales. 


For two Fridays (one day was postponed to a Wednesday due to weather this year) in the commencing of Spring, the Journalism Department (Newspaper, Yearbook and Broadcast) will leave the high school to collect sponsorships for said classes. The students go to businesses in cities/towns such as Ankeny, Elkhart and Polk City and pitch ad sales trying to get the support of businesses while also promoting them. These promotions would be featured in places such as the yearbook, newspaper and newsletters, depending on the package businesses purchase. Students will then be graded individually on the money gained during these sales. This year in order to get an A on the grading scale students had to get at least $500 per person. 

Seniors Perspective: 

Senior newspaper writer and editor Olivia Moody expressed her thoughts and feelings on her last day of performing Ad Sales. Though she was only able to carry out one complete day due to her position at the State Capitol, she explained it was a good way to end her high school career. 

“This (Journalism) is my class, this is my department, and I’m happy to help out next year’s class and the department has done so much for me so I am happy to give back,” communicated Moody. 

Furthermore, Moody stated that these skills such as marketing gained from performing ad sales are skills that are important for any career field. She also talked about a rewarding feeling of knowing that the students contributed to buying equipment and paying for the online newspaper for future journalism classes and students.

A First Timer’s Perspective:

As the newest editor for “The Orbit”, this year was my first time performing sales pitches. While it was nerve racking, to say the least, talking to the first few business owners, repetition truly was key. My first day I was partnered with Ali Lundgren, Journalism Productions student, and Olivia Moody, senior newspaper editor. Though Lundgren and I had spoken of being nervous, having Moody with us made me much more comfortable, and confident in our pitch. Not only was I able to get the experience of public speaking, but also become a better marketer, which I believe to be very valuable aspects of a person. The days overall were very enjoyable, the weather was nice, the lunch was pleasant and I was able to engage with students I rarely got to interact with, such as the yearbook and broadcast students. I look forward to my following years being able to not only help the Journalism Department, but also gain more experience and knowledge myself. While I’m sad that the days were the first and only time I got to work and collaborate with the seniors, I am glad I was able to experience Ad Sales with a definitely memorable journalism department and group of people.

“We’re (journalism students) positively representing our school by looking nice and speaking clearly, while also gaining and strengthening those skills for ourselves. We’re helping out the Journalism Department…and therefore helping out the school,” communicated Moody.