The Great North Polk Treasure Hunt

North Polk’s Long Lost Yearbooks


Boxes on boxes of yearbooks ready for pick-up that can be found in the green-screen room next to Mrs. Triers’s room.

For years, yearbooks that were never picked up have been sitting in Mrs. Trier’s room at the high school. But this year, it was decided that the people who have not picked up their books should be notified via this article. This may have been an item that people have been searching for for years or really wished they had, and now they have an opportunity to retrieve it for the first time. 

Hopefully a few people can manage to grab their missing yearbooks!

Email Mrs. Trier at [email protected] to let her know you want yours, then you can come to pick it up at the office. 

Below is the full list alphabetically in last names:

Albauh, Sydney 2018

Allen, Aurora 2018

Annear, Brandon 2018

Breiholz, Alex 2012

Briggle, Jessica 1989

Bohn, Chris 1989

Brooks, Aaron 1988

Burg, Alyssa 2019 (two copies)

Chiles, Brad 2018

Christensen, Calvin 2015

Church, Noah 2019

Claussen, Jonah 2015

Culbertson, Trenity 2021

Dark, Hunter 2015 (two copies)

Dirksen, Ben 2021

Dodge, Beau 2017

Doering, Landon 2020

Fagen, Jenna 2020

Fonza, Nick 2017

Garman, Kennedy 2018

Gifford, Caleb 2020

Hartsook, Karrigan 2019

Hartsook, Sullivan 2018

Hood, Clark  2019

Hutchison, Dalton 2016

Jensen, Karla 1989

Johnson, Danny 1989

Johnson, Nate 2016

Karpinske, Jack 2019

Laizure, Gabe

Lomica, Caleb 2019

Mackey, Emma 2018

Mayer, Savannah 2018

Mazak, Tava 2014

McCoy, Luke 2019

Obernolte, Josh 2016

Ong, Alexis 2019

Owen, Tate 2020

Paine, Logan 2021

Pandzic, Asima 2021

Peterson, Kenzie 2020

Pfannkuch, Tory 2009

Pieart, Logan 2012

Presnall, Rheise 2011

Rademacher, Isabella 2019

Rena, Valerie 2021

Richards, Corey 2014

Rimathe, Rebecca 2017

Roberts, Jacob 2019

Russell, Laney 2021

Schwanz, Alexis 2018

Sharp, Cameron 2018

Schwienebart, Royal 2018

Smith, Abigail 2018

Smith, Autumn 2019

Smith, Mason 2015

Stall, Lillianna 2018

Terrill, Callie 2018

Triplett, Ian 2017

Verduyn, Aiden 2021

Vernon, Sophie 2021

Walker, Dawn 1989

Weber, Gabrionna 2014

Weiss, Cory 2014

Weiss, Madisson 2015

Weiss, Masson 2015

Whelan, Samuel 2018

Williams, Austin 2009

Wohkittel, Max 2018