The Frightening Future


Newspaper has been one of the biggest highlights of sophomore year. Here is me posing with the OG editor and graduating senior Olivia Moody.

Zoe Marquez, Editor

As the last full week of the 2022-2023 school year descends upon the school building, a sense of surrealism follows it. The seniors are gone, the school work is slowly coming to an end and students are able to sit back and relax as their time in the high school ends for the summer. While this would be the best time in other years for me, this year feels different. At first, I thought it was somewhat of an eerie feeling knowing that I would never see some of the seniors that I grew to know and even some teachers. While this still holds true, I have also come to realize that it is my own reflection on where I will be in the following year.

Watching as the seniors did their walk around the high school and building, my schedule for the next year made me excited, but also scared. Though I know that I still have two full years left in my high school career, I know that those years will go as fast as this one seemed to, which makes me think ultimately about my graduation and my future after that.

Though many people have told me not to stress and that I have so much time to make up my mind on decisions such as a career, a college or what my drive or passions are, I find that it is still weighing on me. I wish I could end this article on an uplifting note, letting people know not to stress, but the reality that not only I, but many other people face, is that of the unknowing what will happen in the future. Furthermore, though I wish I could end this positively, I believe that this feeling is something that is so important to talk about, as many people may feel ashamed or just scared of admitting that they feel this way. While I understand this, I hope that the conversation becomes more open, and people are able to reach out to friends, family and/or even teachers or counselors that may be able to provide some guidance. 

What I will say and keep saying to not only myself, but also to others that may be reading this, is to enjoy the moments that you are currently living and be mindful and present throughout these moments. While the stress about the future may be inevitable in some situations, it is important to keep in mind the time that one is being given, as not everyday is guaranteed. Be mindful of the fortunes in everyday life such as a roof over your head, food on the table and more. Life can be both a beautiful and frightening experience, and through the struggles, I hope I am able to create more of the beauty for myself and others.