Cambios en el Departamento de Español

Changes in the Spanish Department


Zoe Marquez, Editor

As the 2022-2023 school year comes to an ultimate end, news of the 2023-2024 roams the hallways of North Polk High School. One of the more known “rumors” going around is that English teacher and Journalism adviser Jessica Trier will be transitioning into the Spanish department and become one the newest Spanish teachers. For those that are still unaware of this change and/or those who are unsure of the validity, the news is true.

Trier, who started her career at North Polk as a long-time substitute teacher for the Spanish department, will make a full circle return to said subject in the following year. The opportunity came to her after it was announced that Spanish One and Exploratory middle school Spanish Olga Foster would be leaving the district.

Regarding her future away from North Polk and her plans, Foster proclaimed, “There’s no answer yet!”

After learning about the open position, Trier offered to fill in the spot, as she was experienced in the department. With her wish granted, Trier was informed that she would be teaching Spanish I and Spanish  II, while still being able to maintain her position as the Newspaper, Broadcast and Yearbook adviser. 

Trier explained that while English and Spanish (classes) are different, she is still able to “pull similar things and activities that I have used in English 10.”

Furthermore, Trier stated that from the Fall of 2000 to Spring 2007 her experience in the Spanish department had consisted mostly of Spanish I and Spanish II, and at one point teaching all four Spanish classes. As for next year, she will teach four sections of Spanish One and two sections of Spanish Two.