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DMACC Fall Registration

Photo of the home page of the DMACC website where students can find more information on classes.

With registration for DMACC courses opening up soon, students will be provided with many potential opportunities that will benefit their future. DMACC classes can be taken online or in person and offer college credits with more classes oriented towards a student’s interest that North Polk does not currently offer. The registration for DMACC classes in the fall is due on the last day of the school year.

As the next school year approaches quicker than some may realize, it is important to review potential DMACC classes for next year that one finds interesting or meet with a school counselor for guidance in navigating the daunting future. These classes can aid students in getting a head start in their college education, preparing students for more advanced classes and even finishing their associate degree.

If a student is not sure they will be prepared for a college-level course in the fall semester, school counselor Jessica Allen explained how “first, [she] would make sure a student feels ready for a DMACC class. While [counselors] talk a lot about DMACC classes, not all students are ready for a DMACC class while in high school and this is certainly okay.  It doesn’t mean they won’t be ready after they graduate.” 

Students should not feel pressured to take classes they are not prepared for especially considering DMACC classes will affect their college GPA. However, the benefits of these classes cannot be ignored and if a student does feel ready they should consider how DMACC can help them now as it is being paid for by the school district rather than out of a student’s own pocket.

“Taking college courses now can help a student explore potential career interest areas, save money and get required classes taken care of before their freshman year of college. Occasionally, a student is able to complete their associate degree prior to graduation but this is pretty rare,” described Allen. 

Classes recommended for high school students include those that can help identify what a student may be interested in for a future career and/or fulfill a general education requirement that a student would often have to take anyway if they attend college after high school.

Allen’s examples of these classes include “Composition 1, Composition 2, Statistics and Intro to Psychology are good examples. With that said, some students are ready to take college-level courses and that is okay too.”

These classes are all offered in person at North Polk so often more support can be provided than in an online class as most teachers at North Polk are extremely accommodating and flexible. Most DMACC professors are the same way and want students to succeed in their courses and will help in almost any way they can. However, Allen stated how often the keys for students to succeed are “time management and timely communication with their instructors.”

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