A Display of the Past; Organizing the Present


Aden Burdine, Staff Writer

*Originally published on our beta site February 25, 2020.

A new yearbook display case was built at North Polk recently in order to showcase the yearbooks that have been made throughout the years.

The yearbook display case was built by Kellen Miller and Brock Moreland for Jessica Trier to better allow the school to show off all the yearbooks it has made.

“This will be a way for North Polk to really show all the yearbooks it has made,” Trier said. “It will help better demonstrate what kids in the yearbook class do.”

This will also be a way for the school to demonstrate all the yearbooks made instead of having them tucked away in a compartment.

“There will be yearbooks from the old Sheldahl school,” Trier said. “With some of the yearbooks dating back to the 1950s.”

The display case is located upstairs just outside of room W201, Jessica Trier’s room.

“Parents can come check out the display case during conferences or whenever they are visiting the academic wing.” Trier said.

The shop class also built a new cubby structure for Trier in order to hold camera equipment for future journalism classes.

“The cubby was built by Isaac Larson, Luke Nielsen, and Reilly Maring,” Trier said. “This will help a lot with our growing future journalism courses.”