The future becomes the present during North Polk’s Course Discovery Day

Students get an insight to all the classes offered.

Aden Burdine, Staff Writer

*Originally published on our beta site February 17, 2020.

Course discovery day was a way for North Polk students to learn about all the different classes offered in order to help them better plan their future schedules.

In order for the students to better prepare themselves the school set up a Course Discovery Day on Friday, Feb. 7 to give students a run down of each subject and the classes within. With this, students can be better prepared to plan out their future schedule.

“It was more useful for the underclassmen,” PE teacher Scott Huether, said. “They have more time to think about how they will plan out their schedule.”

There have been questions among many of the students wondering if Course Discovery Day would be better suited solely among underclassmen.

“Make it optional for 11th graders and involve the 8th graders to give them more advice on how to plan,” junior Addi Thomas said. “They should give more info on what classes to take for specific job fields in order to really help students plan.”

Course Discovery Day was meant to help students with future schedule planning in order for all students to plan the best, and most productive high school schedule.

“It helped me a little bit with my future schedule planning,” sophomore Spencer Markley said. “I would probably not change a whole lot.”