An in-depth look at one of North Polk’s largest fundraising events

Maggie Baumgardner, Staff Writer

*Originally published on our beta site February 24,2020. North Polk’s annual show choir event, Comet Sensation, occurred on Saturday, Feb 15 2020.

The nearly 21-hour event is run entirely by volunteers. Comet Sensation brings various show choirs from not only across Iowa, but from neighboring states also. Comet Sensation is by far the biggest fundraiser for the fine arts department at the school.

Band director Brandon Weeks says, “Comet Sensation brings in roughly $15,000 for North Polk’s fine arts programs! Last year, all of that money went into buying the marching band’s new uniforms”.

This event brings in lots of people, fundraising, and recognition for the North Polk fine arts department.

Gretchen Perschall, a booster member, said that “The music directors do most of the planning for the annual Comet Sensation show choir and jazz choir competition”.

The fine arts directors work on finding judges, registration, creating judge’s ballots, scheduling, and organization.

Mrs. Perschall also said that the fine arts boosters play a big part in Comet Sensation also, “The Booster Board members are here all day volunteering and helping out areas that need assistance.”

The booster members are a huge part of Comet Sensation. They track all financial costs, help in the kitchen, make sure volunteers are doing their job, and everything in between.

“There are over 150 adults and students that volunteer for at least a few hours that day,” Perschall said.