Seniors Defeat Juniors 14-7 in Annual Powderpuff Game

Isabelle Friedman, JP student writer

The North Polk seniors won 14-7 over the juniors in overtime in the 2020 powderpuff football game. The powderpuff game took place on Thursday, Sept. 24 in Comet Stadium. 


Before the game started, the juniors were feeling like they had a fair shot of winning the game despite it being their first year playing. Junior coach Bryce Aspengren states, “I think the juniors’ biggest strength is we can get to the outsides and run it really well.” Overall, Aspengren thought the juniors were a well-rounded team that could play both offense and defense. 


Despite this positive outlook, the seniors scored first, giving them a 7-0 lead. However, shortly before the end of the game, the juniors were able to piece everything together and score their first touchdown, sending the game into overtime. 


In overtime, each team got a chance to score from the 10-yard-line. The juniors got the ball first, but the seniors defense was too strong for them to penetrate. The seniors were able to score on their offensive drive. 


Despite their loss this year, the juniors will be ready next year. Junior coach Andrew Haney states, “We were prepared, and we played a good game. Next year, we just need to work on knowing where the football is at times, and then we’ll be in good shape.” 


No matter the end score of the game, everyone had a great time. Junior Paige Johnson comments, “The best part of powderpuff was playing as a team and with all of my friends.” Likewise, Senior Kaitlyn Richards states, “Everyone should play powderpuff just because it gives you a good experience, and you’ll always remember it.” Many of the girls who play look forward to it as a fun, must-have high school experience.