High School Volleyball tournament raises money for Iowa Children’s Hospital

Ben Perschall, JP student writer

On Monday, October 26, in the high school gym, 115 North Polk students –organized into 16 teams– competed to win a volleyball tournament. The tournament was a fundraiser for the Iowa Children’s Hospital, and they ended up raising $575. 

“A few years back, we were trying to come up with an event to host between homecoming and Christmas because the activities during that time period are limited,” said Aly Cromley, Student Council President, of the origins of the event. This is the third year this event was hosted.

The student council was given two choices from administration to either restrict the event to only 8 teams, but have a losers bracket, so the tournament would be double elimination, or to have unlimited teams and only single elimination. They ended up going with single elimination, and 16 teams entered. 

The winning team was “Safe Bet”, with Alana Doonan, Emilee Tyrrel, Jerica Heintz, Talula Monk, Andrew Haney, and Reilly Maring.