Student Council Bringing Christmas Cheer

Isabelle Friedman, JP Student Writer

North Polk student council decided to brighten this Christmas season with the twelve days of Christmas dress up days and other activities. 

Student council member Olivia Moody stated, “This year especially it can be hard to get into the Christmas spirit, so to have these days at school will hopefully make students more excited to be at school and for the holidays.”

Although the student council had high hopes for creating a strong community connection around the holidays, the school participation has been lacking. Thus far, there has been a sock day, holiday character day, hat/whoville hair day, holiday “hugs” day (student council handed out Hershey’s kisses), holiday trivia, holiday carols (the choir sang Christmas carols before school), and winter sports day (dress like a winter athlete). Further, they put a holiday tree in the commons to add some extra cheer. 

“Unfortunately, the participation so far has been kind of minimal. I’m hopeful that the closer we get to break the more participation we would get,” Moody expressed. 

The idea for the twelve days of Christmas came from the song. Student Council thought it would be a fun way for the high school to get together and celebrate. However, students are hesitant to participate. 

Hopefully, there will be more participation as we come to the last five days of the student council’s twelve days of Christmas. The last days are holiday color day (Dec. 16), holiday car day (decorate your car with Christmas decorations) (Dec. 17), candy canes (student council will hand out candy canes) (Dec. 18), pajama day (Dec. 21), and ugly sweater day (Dec. 22). 

Moody clarified how they came up with these ideas. “Some things were obvious like an ugly sweater day and a pajama day. We tried to mix the days with student participation and other things like trivia or handing out candy.”

The twelve days of Christmas holiday dress up days is a creative idea. Hopefully, there can be more participation in the last few days or next year. However, if the student council decides to try again next year, they should take into consideration handing out more candy.

Although some people were skeptical, others did participate in their favorite holiday dress up day. One of the most popular so far being holiday sock day.

Senior Kaitlyn Richards stated, “I think it’s a fun thing to do, and it gets students engaged.”