Pep Band Returns to Basketball Games


The band playing at a game on December 15.

Ben Perschall, JP Student Writer

This year, a number of restrictions have been placed on all the different activities that the school has to offer, due to COVID-19. This has made it a very spontaneous year, since the restrictions are constantly changing, and it is impossible to know what is in store. 

A while ago, basketball finally started back up at North Polk, and that raised the question, will the pep-band be able to play? Luckily, the answer to that question was yes, and now the band has played at a few games, which students in the band appreciate.

“I enjoy it because it’s great to hang out with friends and play fun music,” said Carson Cupp, a senior trombone player.

The band doesn’t just get to come back though without any catches. The band is limited to having 40 people and can only play for 15 minutes at a time. Whenever a member of the band is not playing, they have their mask up.

“We used to have everyone in band be in pep-band, but we have 110 kids now– that doesn’t work,” said Brandon Weeks, the band director.

The band is happy to follow these new restrictions though to play at the game. Since this year the audience size is limited, the band adds quite a bit of livelihood to games, and they are excited to continue playing at them.