Early Goodbyes to a Few of our Comets

Olivia Cooper, JP Student Writer

Leaving North Polk sooner than the rest of the class of 2021, a few students in the senior class plan to adventure out into the real world after the first semester. This year a couple juniors are also planning on leaving North Polk a year early. Whether a senior or a junior the idea of graduating early allows them to get to the next goal in their lives. 

North Polk High School allows seniors and juniors to graduate early if they follow certain criteria. The criteria the must follow are: have the required credits, take the required amount of classes, and to take the classes that are required for graduation. With the addition of the process you have to go through, this process includes: any student must meet with their counselor to make sure they have met all the requirements, then they must complete the early graduation form being signed by themselves, parents, counselor, the principal, and the superintendent. Once the form is turned in the school approves their request to graduate early. 

As of now the class of 2021 will be saying an early goodbye to a few of their classmates, Janie Walter, Olivia Haidsiak, and Alayna Rivas. Each one of these students have their own reason for wanting to get onto the next adventure and they all have put in the work and effort to be able to graduate before the rest of their class.

Walter’s plan was never to graduate early and to finish off the high school experience with the rest in May 2021. Looking at her future graduating early and getting her boot camp done will allow her to still be able to attend college in Fall 2021. Walter has decided to adventure to the National Guard and then attend college in fall of 2021 at South Dakota State University. Walter describes her plan, “After I graduate, I will be doing basic training and job training for the National Guard. I will be at basic training for ten weeks, and then nine to ten weeks at my job training. I will then attend SDSU in the fall and major in agriculture business and minor in equine science.” 

Rivas will be going to art school and is planning on going to Michigan as of now, but is waiting to hear from Boston. Rivas explains, “I am going to art school and have limited time to get a portfolio so I needed the last few months off school for extra art time. As well as working more to save for college.” Rivas’s plan after graduating will be to finish portfolios for college and buying an apartment in Michigan. 

Unlike the others, Haidsiak has always planned on graduating a semester early, her plan is to work at LSI and on top of that she will be going to college to get her RN nursing. Some advice for underclassmen that are thinking about graduating early is, “Make sure to spend more time in the classes you actually need to pass. Make sure to study and get the classes you need to graduate when you want.” 

However, seniors are not the only ones that are able to graduate early, this year there will be a couple of juniors that will be graduating at the end of the year, which is a year early. Kassandra Kolln is one of them, she states “Both of my parents always had a big influence on me and my education and I always wanted to start my life at a young age. And due to COVID-19 I thought it would be a perfect time to start thinking about my future. You never know how much time you have. So that’s what inspired me to graduate early.” 

Kolln will be graduating in the Spring of 2021 and will be attending Mercy College to pursue her degree as an RN. Like Walter, Kolln never imagined she would be doing two years in one, and not having her senior year and the full high school experience. As mentioned before Kolln is doing her junior and senior year at once, leaving her with a lot more school work than most students. Her advice to underclassmen would tell them it’s hard work and lots of long nights studying and getting work done. So if you tend to not like doing your work on time I would highly suggest not to do two years in one. But if you have motivation then this is for you.”

Lastly, Haidsiak shared, “Keep your head held high and focus yourself on what’s important to get you where you want in life.” Whether you are a senior or a junior these Comets will be entering the real world in no time. Each one of them have their own goals and aspirations for their future. The harder you work, and the goals you set works towards what you want to achieve.