Coffee Cart Brings Drinks Around for Teachers


Mrs. Angela Pardun, Timmy Schiltz, and Maddie Hammond deliver morning coffee to high school teachers.

Ben Perschall, JP student writer

Twice a day, during the week before break, Angela Pardun and some of her students go around the building delivering coffee to teachers that choose to order. 

Besides being a nice thing for the teachers who order, the cart serves as an opportunity for Pardun’s students to work on job-based skills that can be difficult to access.

“This is something that we started, not knowing what the year would look like, and we’ve been grateful that students have all been able to be out in the community working, but we thought this was still a great opportunity to work on some of those skills in-house,” Pardun said.

Running the cart requires more than just making coffee and pushing a cart around. A system had to be created so people could order, and they even added a rewards system of sorts.

“We worked on creating an online order form, so that it is easy access for the staff to order what they want… and an online punch card to go with that,”Pardun added.

The coffee only costs $1, and after buying a certain number of drinks, the teachers can get one for free. This is all kept track of online.

This cart has been a challenge to run, especially trying to find the right amount of coffee beans to use, but it is still in the early stages of development, so as time goes on, things will only get smoother.