Struck With COVID-19

Time With Alexis Dorsett


Alexis Dorsett signed in on google meet to attend AP Chemistry class for the lab she had on March 3.

Alexis Dorsett, Newspaper Editor

My name is Alexis Dorsett and I had COVID-19. 

My experience with COVID-19 was unique. Unfortunately, I was symptomatic. I had a runny nose, sore throat, headaches, and extreme nausea. COVID-19 is unlike any other cold I have had in previous years. I can be perfectly healthy for a period of time and then when I least expect it or when I start to do something, such as my homework for class, I would begin to get nauseous. I would have to lay down and take a break from what I was doing to try to feel better. It was difficult to get out of bed at times. To add on, I have very long hair and at times when I would feel nauseous and my hair would seem unbearable because it would constantly feel heavy. My mother contacted my pediatrician and I had a prescription to help me be able to do my daily activities without feeling the need to carry a bucket with me.

Before I knew I had COVID-19, I still attended school. I knew I was not feeling well, but I thought it was a cold because I was not exposed to anyone who had recently tested positive. I had let my father know how I was feeling and he told me it was my choice on how I wanted to handle the situation. I told myself I would wait to see how I felt to see if it got better or not. I started feeling sick on February 24, a Wednesday. I finished out the week, but a few of my teachers were able to notice I was not feeling well because they mentioned I did not seem like myself and was not focused on the class. Since I started to feel worse as time went by, I got tested on Monday, March 1. The next day, my father was notified that I tested positive and we had to contact the school.

Sadly since I tested positive, I had to report people I may have exposed. I have quarantined three of my friends, Cora Reed, Austin Mays, and Will Williams, and both of my brothers. My friends Reed and Mays were both supposed to compete in the Jazz Band Competition, but due to them having to quarantine they were unable too. I felt bad they had to miss the competition, but I would rather be safe, instead of possibly spreading the virus. Recently, Williams started showing symptoms of COVID-19 and shared “my symptoms haven’t been bad, but on some days they are more apparent and make the day harder than others.”

As mentioned before, my brothers are currently quarantined and will not be able to return back to school until after spring break. One is in kindergarten and he is upset that he does not get to go to school with his friends. Every time I saw him when I got a meal my mother had set aside for me by the stairs, he covered his mouth with either his hand or his shirt and used his other hand to wave at me to go away. My sophomore brother has been signing into his classes online, but has been handling the quarantine well. Both my parents have the COVID-19 vaccine and tested negative, which allows them to continue to go to work and proceed with their daily activities. 

Overall, having COVID-19 was a difficult time when I had things I needed to accomplish for school. I am enrolled in an online DMACC course where I had to still complete my weekly assignments when I was not feeling well and I fell behind in my classes at North Polk while I was still signing in to class everyday. 

Alexis Dorsett sitting in bed watching TV with her Chick Fil A her mother brought to her.

Now a week after my symptoms have resolved. I have post COVID-19 issues. I am a part of the North Polk High School Track team and I have not been able to participate in the hard practices because my chest and lungs would begin to hurt and my head will start to feel as though it is swelling or pounding. I am slowly getting back to normal, but I have to wait and take time to be able to be fully recovered. For instance, I have no sense of smell still and no one knows exactly when it will return. 

COVID-19 is not a simple thing to ignore. People miss out on things due to quarantine and people get sick. Even though I am good when it comes to wearing a mask, there is always a chance to get it, but wearing a mask prevents the likelihood of spreading the virus and keeps other students in school.