Racing with Popularity

Cars 1, 2, and 3


The official Disney Cars 3 movie.

Alexis Dorsett, Newspaper Editor

Disney, the very popular entertainment company, released the first “Cars” movie in 2006 and had large amounts of earnings. This led to the creations of “Cars 2” and “Cars 3.” 

“Cars” 1 had a gross profit of $462 million when the original budget for the movie was $120 million. However when the second Cars movie came out they only had a gross profit of $560,155,383 world wide. 

The large difference in profits from the movie was due to the different storylines. “Cars” 1 was about racing and highlighted Lightning McQueen, lead race car, whereas the second movie was not about racing and was more like a story. After “Cars 2” did not succeed the way Disney had intended, they created “Cars 3.” “Cars 3” had a gross profit of $383.9 million. A large jump in numbers from “Cars 2.” “Cars 3” once again highlights Lightning McQueen’s racing pathway as he comes to an end of his career and coaching the young racer, Cruze, as her racing career begins.