Overview of the Speech Season

Olivia Moody, Newspaper Editor

As of late November, the speech season has officially started. At this time students are getting ready for large group speech, with individual speech to follow. 

This year, the 60 students that are participating are spread out between 17 different categories. These categories include musical theater, one act, ensemble, choral reading, radio broadcasting, improv and short film. 

Last year, the speech team had to have their competitions within the high school because of Covid-19. As far as coaches Tia Stubbs and Susan Vernon know, the competitions should be back to normal this year. 

Speech is an amazing opportunity for students to improve their communication skills and collaborate with their peers. 

Sophomore Cassidy Freiga and Freshman Addison Happ are both excited to be starting speech for the first time. “I am in choral reading, this is the first time I’ve ever done something like this and honestly, it’s amazing. I’m looking forward to performing with everyone and also just going to practice makes me really happy,” noted Freiga. 

Happ is most excited to “go to a competition and watch everyone else’s projects!”