One Emergency at a Time

Chicago Med Review


The official Chicago Med poster.

Alexis Dorsett, Newspaper Editor

Chicago Med is a popular TV show that contains all sorts of emotions such as excitement, tragedy, and confusion. 

Chicago Med was first released in 2015. Recently five seasons have been added to Netflix. Since it has been released, I have watched until season four episode four. While watching Chicago Med there are a lot of emotions involved that keep me wanting to watch more of the show. 

The creators of Chicago Med, Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead, do an excellent job of creating plot twists and new medical emergencies in every episode. The creators created new issues in every episode, while still having problems are events that occur in multiple episodes that are ongoing to keep watching wondering what is going to happen next.

Overall, Chicago Med is so far well written to keep the viewers interested in the show. I personally look forward to watching more episodes.