North Polk Take Down

Wrestling 2021-2022 Season


Senior, Cale Engebretson, after winning a wrestling match at home.

Alexis Dorsett, Newspaper Editor

This year, the wrestling team is made up of 26 student-athletes. As the season progresses, the athletes are all working towards improving their wrestling careers. 

Cale Engebretson shared, “I’ve had really good competition so far and so has the whole team.” 

“There have been quite a few ‘nail biters,’ and also really quick pins, or just really good matches to watch,” shared wrestling manager, Hallie Winther. 

As the season goes “the boys and the team are constantly improving and working to better themselves,” Winther stated. 

Engebretson also noted that most wrestlers’ goals are to go to State this year, but some of them are trying to earn a spot on the varsity lineup. 

Alongside the wrestling tournaments are the people watching. Winther mentions the large difference between student sections for basketball and football compared to wrestling. She shared, “The bleachers will be full for basketball and football, but there will be only five students watching wrestling.” 

As a Comet Community, growing the amount of support for wrestling and all other sports that do not have larger student sections would be appreciated by all athletes and could possibly benefit the athletes’ performances. 

Upcoming wrestling events include a meet at Bondurant on Thursday versus Bonderant and ADM and Varsity wrestling at East Marshall and Junior Varsity at Marshalltown. Next week on Thursday the 26 it will be senior night.