You Can’t Get Rid of Me Yet

Changing Roles At “The Orbit”


My start date for the internship is Jan. 9 and it will go till around the end of April.

Olivia Moody, Newspaper Editor

As this semester is winding down, I would like to announce that my role in “The Orbit” will look a little different next semester. 

I have been granted the honor of being a Legislative Page for Iowa House of Representatives during their 2023 session at the State Capitol.

This means that I will be working 40 hours a week, more or less, from Monday through Thursday each week. On Fridays, I will be at school, but only for around an hour. Because of the time commitment with my internship, the only class I am taking is Newspaper. 

I could not imagine finishing my senior year without continuing my work with this newspaper. Unfortunately, I will no longer be writing regular weekly articles; instead I will be writing two different feature articles a month. I will have a continuous update on my adventures at The Capitol, and additionally I will have a regular feature story. 

I would like to still write weekly articles, but my schedule will be unpredictable and I will not be at school to know all the goings on. I am leaving this job to our newest recruit: Zoe Marquez!

Zoe is a sophomore that has been taking the Intro to Journalism class this semester in preparation to become the newest writer for “The Orbit.” She will be the one writing and publishing all of the weekly articles, as well as her monthly feature, the polls and “People in the Halls.”

While I am disappointed that I will not finish out my senior year in Mrs. Trier’s classroom fifth hour with the broadcast students, I am really excited to turn a new page in my life at The Capitol.