Life as a Legislative Page Pt. 2


During a slow day because of weather, we took a trip up to the top of The Capitol, the view with the snow was amazing!

Olivia Moody, Newspaper Editor

Almost two months in, I am officially a seasoned worker at The Capitol. 

I have learned the ups and downs of business meetings, floor debates and student days at The Capitol. Also, I have become an expert at yelling very loudly to a crowd, getting free food in the rotunda, and being a fly on the wall when I accidentally walk in on an important conversation. 

There are some things that I was not expecting to occur day to day, like three-hole-punching 3,000 pages of paper, and regularly being beaten at Egyptian rat slap, a card game that another page and I play on slow days that resembles slap jack. 

I would like to say that I am now an expert on the political goings on, but honestly most of the language is above my vernacular and leaves me slightly more confused, such as the bill about medical malpractice caps. However, my position has inspired me to become a more politically responsible citizen, and I find myself doing more research on certain topics and reading up on more house fines and study bills, like a bill that will give black bears protection in Iowa. 

My favorite part about my job though is definitely all of the amazing people. The other pages have become really good friends and a great group to work with. The door keepers and sergeant-at-arms are supportive and guiding and the representatives are a lot more laid back after getting to know all of us. It is especially cool knowing that a lot of the representatives know me by my first name. 

I find myself already mourning the end of my internship, but I am trying to seize the moment as best I can. I can already tell I will simply miss being on the House Floor, talking to the pages and representatives and pulling shenanigans on the representatives and each other.  

I would also like to make a small announcement: I have absolutely no idea what goes on in the Iowa Senate so if you have any questions about that I have absolutely no idea.