We’re not Speechless

2023 Individual Speech Meet

Olivia Moody, Newspaper Editor

The North Polk Individual Speech Team traveled to Johnston on Saturday, Feb. 25 for their District Speech Competition. 

Unlike group speech, which is far more theatrical, individual speech focuses more on students’ ability to effectively communicate in a more professional and emotional way. Though this does exclude events such as improv and musical theater. The team also had a lot less time to prepare for their events in individual speech. Group speech practices almost two months before the competition, while many individual speech students were not able to prepare for their event until three weeks prior to the competition, due to the All-State Group Speech Competition. 

Coaches judge students based on their ability to fluctuate their voices, the emotions they portray, their demeanor and their ability to hold eye contact. 

Students that receive one move on to the state speech competition, but if a student receives a two or higher, they do not advance. Like golf, the lower the score you get at a speech meet, the better. 

This year the North Polk Speech Team had 23 students move on to the State Speech Competition, which will be held on March 11. 

Congratulations to the following students for advancing! 


Aaron Anderson

Ruth Turczynski



Lucas Bakken

Emily Barr

Adian Trier

Will McConnell 


Lit Program:

Elena Fowle 

Alyson Burdine

Original Oratory:

Cora Reed



Grace Norman

Morgan Eyanson-Renken



Elena Fowle

Olivia Moody

Carly Jepsen


Public Address:

Grace Norman


Rylie Connolly 

Lucas Bakken

Aidan Trier



Ruth Turczynski


Solo Musical Theatre:

Emily Barr

Aurden Selmecki

Angel Lindell


After Dinner Speaking:

Ella Hill