Working for the Man Made Me Jaded


While the Iowa Legislative Session is supposed to end on April 28, many believe it will go longer.

Olivia Moody, Newspaper Editor

Usually have any rhyme or reason, but I was honestly baffled by this one. I could not figure out why looking at the picture of myself on my work badge was making me question my existence and purpose in life. I had not really figured it out until now. 

I looked at my picture that was taken in December and found that the face looking back at me looked much like my own, but somehow I felt that in all the important ways, it did not feel like myself. 

It was not until about 20 minutes ago that I finally realized why I seem so different from December. That month I was absolutely ecstatic to start the job that I had wanted since I was 13. 

Now I struggle to find hope when I look at our local legislators. 

Spending more time at The Capitol than I do at home has taught me the importance of a work-life balance, especially if your work is centered around law-making. 

Political activism and the legislative process, in general, is something that I have always been interested and passionate about, but these past few months have shown me that I need to learn how to balance these passions correctly. 

Spending so much time watching debates, reading about legislation and interacting with representatives I have found that I no longer get excited to listen to debate, I do not read each bill that goes through the chamber and when I walk through the doors of the house chamber, it almost seems like a burden. 

In a way, I think that I have done a lot of growing up at The Capitol. Adults always say that growing up makes you jaded, and that is the only word I can think of that describes what I am feeling lately. 

I think this has been an important lesson for me, and for other people that are passionate about things that can oftentimes be unrewarding. 

I need to learn how to keep my passion for politics while also realizing that taking legislation too personally can be harmful to my well-being.