Join “The Orbit” Team!


Contact Mrs. Trier, Zoe Marquez or Olivia Moody through email is you are interested in learning more about “The Orbit.”

Olivia Moody, Newspaper Editor

Would you like to write about the school? Have a somewhat flexible work schedule? Decide stories for yourself?  Get to know Mrs. Trier a little too well? 

Join “The Orbit!” 

 With scheduling for next year’s classes underway, it is the perfect time to consider becoming a part of the journalism department. 

I joined the newspaper team during my sophomore year, and I have not regretted a second of it. Having a passion for written journalism, and knowing I wanted to pursue a career in journalism, I found that writing for “The Orbit” was the perfect opportunity to grow into my writing style and learn about becoming a reporter. 

My favorite part by far of being in the journalism department is the people. It is really fun being in a group that also loves to communicate with the school in different ways such as the broadcast and the yearbook and have teachers that encourage learning in a hands-on way. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone that wants to pursue a career in the writing field. 

Even for those of you that are not necessarily interested in journalism as a career, but want to be more involved within the school and gain some key writing skills, think about joining as well! 

If you would like to see what being in the journalism department is all about, stop by Mrs. Trier’s room during 5th hour!