Counting Down to the Last of the Lasts for the Class of 2023


The last time that the class of 2023 will be together is at graduation, but each graduate will take what they have learned from their peers into adulthood.

Olivia Moody, Newspaper Editor

As May 21 quickly becomes more than just a myth, the class of 2023 will be celebrating their end at North Polk High School after a school year full of lasts. 

Whether it be the last game, meet, production, speech, meeting or project, seniors all have experienced in some way the feeling that the life they have always known is coming to an end. 

Being part of the class of 2023, and being in many activities, I too have realized that the flow of North Polk High School will go on as normal, just without me. 

It is a bittersweet feeling. Honestly, the people that say high school was the best years of their lives obviously did not have a great adulthood, because I definitely think there are better things to come for all of my classmates. But knowing that something that has been the focal point of my entire four years of high school will continue without me, like this online newspaper, is hard to swallow. 

We may not go to another meeting or compete in another competition or simply walk the halls of this school ever again, but every senior has left their mark at this school for the better. While this may sound optimistic, I believe that our accomplishments may not be soon forgotten. 

We have only been alive for 18 years. Think about all the firsts we are about to have. 

Thinking about all of my firsts that I will soon accomplish, makes me look at my lasts of high school with a sort of sentimentality but not necessarily sadness. I look at the end of my time with “The Orbit” as the beginning of my career as a journalist. I look at the end of my time in FFA, student council and speech as the cornerstone for my leadership and communication skills that I will further as I grow older. 

Every student in the class of 2023 leaves a lot behind when they walk across the stage, but do not look at it as the end, but the beginning.