Quarantine Inquiries 1

Sophie Hoffmeier, Staff Writer

*Originally written April 23, 2020

As another week of quarantine drones on, students are finding themselves eager for the pandemic to end and resume their normal lives. Being stuck inside for so long has proven to many that this pandemic is truly something they’ll never forget, especially seniors who will not be able to finish their last year of high school with friends.


Passing the time at home for this long has become a routine for many, with the online classes finding their way into some students’ schedules. For senior Sami Martin, the quarantine routine has become extremely boring and repetitive. 


“I feel like I’m living my life like a modern version of Rapunzel,” Martin explained. “I draw, sing, watch movies, I cook occasionally, scroll through social media, and maybe finish my DMACC stuff. It’s incredibly dull.”


For others, being at home has given them the opportunity to have more time with their family.


“I get to hang out with my sister a lot,” junior Megan Theulen said. “My mom has started working from home, too.”


Staying at home has also given students the time to reflect on what they miss doing before the outbreak of COVID-19 began in the U.S.


“I can’t eat at restaurants like I’d do normally,” Martin said. “I miss the days where I could sit in a Starbucks with my friends again, or going out to eat some pho.”


One thing many students agree on is that they miss the social aspect of high school, especially their friends that they can’t hang out with. 


“I miss seeing my friends at school,” Theulen said. “But I am enjoying the time off at home.”


For many seniors, school was something they knew would eventually be behind them, but not this soon.


“I don’t really miss school, I was bound to be rid of it anyways,” Martin said. “I only miss choir, my art class, and the time I had to hang out with my friends.”


Though there is so much uncertainty surrounding this pandemic, students will continue to make the best of the situation at home.