Quarantine Inquiries 2

Sophie Hoffmeier, Staff Writer

Wyatt Johnston spent a good part of his COVID quarantine playing videogames.

*Originally published on our beta site April 16, 2020.

Over the past several weeks, spring break for many students across the nation has flooded over into quarantine amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus. North Polk students and staff alike are staying safe inside, but still have the spirit to keep persisting and finding something to do over the large stretch of time away from school.


Students are finding many different ways to keep themselves occupied over the course of quarantine. Being stuck at home for a long period of time proves to be extremely boring for many. However, some students have been able to fight off the repetitive discomfort of staying at home.


“I’ve been binge watching ‘Criminal Minds’,” sophomore Emmalea Kling said. “I also started painting.”


Students have also been given the opportunity to do online work for their classes in order to make up for the lost hours of school.


“I’ve done some of the voluntary school work,” sophomore Wyatt Johnston said. “To pass the time at home, I’ve also done some reading, but most of my time is spent playing video games.”


Though spring break is usually something that all students anticipate, they have not been able to be with their friends for quite some time. School is one of the main places students get to hang out and be with their friends. Quarantine requires social interaction in person to be limited, thus preventing large groups of friends from being together.


“I miss the social aspect of school,” Kling said. “But not the actual school part.”


School and its extracurriculars bring together many groups of kids. Since quarantine was put in place, these groups have not been able to see each other or practice.


“The only part of school I kind of miss is band,” Johnston said. “Besides that, I’m completely content with staying home.” 


Students obviously don’t mind missing out on school, however, they do miss spending time with their friends while at school. Though it is grueling to be apart from friends, it’s important to stay safe and be mindful of the epidemic that the world is living through.