Quarantine Inquiries 3

Sophie Hoffmeier, Staff Writer

Grace Vandekrol long boards while social distancing during the COVID quarantine.

*Originally published on our beta site April 30, 2020.

As quarantine ensues across the nation, students are continuing to find ways to keep themselves busy and entertained while they stay home amidst the pandemic. Many are taking the time to complete their classes online, while others are watching movies, or just simply relaxing at home.


For some students, taking classes online is necessary because they are DMACC or AP classes that require the work to be completed as it would be in school.


“For the most part, I do homework for my DMACC classes,” junior Addi Thomas said. “If I’m not doing that, I’m binge watching ‘Criminal Minds’ and playing ‘Mario Kart’ with my brother.”


Other students have been taking the time for relaxation and doing fun hobbies.


“I usually watch movies at home,” junior Grace Vandekrol said. “Either that, or I’m drawing.”


Because of quarantine, students are finding that staying home has brought forth a lot of changes in their everyday lives.


“Something that’s changed for me during quarantine would be my family time,” Thomas explained. “Generally during the school year, I’m never really home because of all the activities I’m in. I’m positive that I’ve spent more time with my family in the last few weeks than I have in a long while.”


The switch to online school has also changed the way students go about their day at home.


“I’ve had to be more responsible when it comes to school work,” Vandekrol said. “There’s so many distractions at home, and so I have to make the time to go online and complete it.


Of course, many students are missing the social aspect of going to school during these past few weeks, not so much the learning aspect of it.


“I really do miss school, though not necessarily the work and school day,” Thomas said. “Not having school makes me realize how much I rely on it to see my friends. I miss the interaction.”


Over the course of quarantine, students have found new ways to keep themselves occupied and to pass the time.


“I’m learning how to ride a longboard,” Vandekrol said. “I’ve fallen off a lot, and I’m not very good at it yet.”


“I’ve done a few new things since this has all started,” Thomas said. “I started running and working out, which I haven’t done on my own outside of sports. I also decided to do a deep clean of my room to choose what I need and don’t need.”