North Polk’s Big Homecoming Game

Matthew May, JP student writer

North Polk fans look forward to the homecoming game all season. It is a time to celebrate former and current Comets, and all the festivities lead up to the main event… The football game.


 North Polk faced rival Nevada, North Polk was still searching for its first win of the season and wanted to make a statement. In an exclusive interview Head Coach Tim Tebrink said, “Nevada is a really good football team, Offensively, they love to run the ball right at you and have the ability to hit big plays over the top with their speedy receivers.  Defensively they like to set up in different fronts and come after you.  We need to be prepared to handle their pressure with our offensive line.” 


Clearly the Comets were not taking the Nevada Cubs lightly. However the game did not turn out the way the Comets had hoped for and they ended up losing but not all hope is lost for the Comets this season, Coach Tebrink said “We want to finish the season strong and improve as we had into the playoffs.  This year, all teams qualify for the playoffs.  We want to be at our strongest as we head into the playoffs.”


 The Comets are lead by a man who is still very confident in his football team, and even after the homecoming loss, Comet fans should be too.