Challenges of Teaching Online

Alex Hauger

This school year is very unique because a lot of students are choosing online learning, and classes are different because classes have a mix between in person students and online students. But the question that some people might ask themselves, is being online easier than being in person for teachers? Two teachers answer that question: one of the  teachers has worked in North Polk for several years and the other teacher is still new to North Polk. 

Wyatt Zoske said “That it is challenging because I am still learning how to use Google classroom but I am  very happy that the students help me out with Google classroom.” Zoske says “I don’t think it would be easier to teach online because it is easier to talk to the people in front of you but at the same time, I think we can make it work.” Teachers will have to face the same and possibly more challenges to teach online compared to students online because teachers have been teaching in person since they were teaching and for adults it’s harder to learn something new but for students since everyone’s brain is still growing, we can overcome challenges quicker. 

Tia Stubbs is still new to North Polk because she has only taught here for three years, but she has taught at some other schools like Mississippi State University and DMACC. Stubbs says that in some ways online teaching is difficult. She said that discussion groups are more difficult because she wants the kids to actually talk to each other, but when thinking about the positives she shared being online it gives the students more freedom to manage their own time. Stubbs says, “Overall, I personally find it more difficult to teach online.” When asked what would happen if North Polk does go into quarantine, Mrs. Stubbs says “I think it the big shift in the way that we teach would be the hardest part because I rely a lot on interaction.” She also brought up how students who had DMACC classes in the spring had to go online, and the teachers had to rely on videos and tutorials. Despite the struggles, Stubbs is very excited about the newspaper that the Journalism class is doing because it gives the students a way to authentically write and she’s also excited to be back in the classroom.