Comet Communications Comeback


Safe Distance- Students a part of the Communications Club meet over google to film the last part of their episode. Due to the high school being online the week of the meeting they were unable to meet in person.

Olivia Moody, JP Student Writer

Through the process of brainstorming, filming, writing and editing the 12 students in Broadcasting are eager to tell the stories of the school district.

The communications club has started again this fall by piecing together the newest episode of their broadcast. Features to look forward to in this episode include; the pandemic, mullets, a teacher feature and advice for freshmen. 

Tia Stubbs, communications club advisor, adds to this list a segment that should be recurring, “We also have a new series called Angel Attempts where Angel tries new things. This episode is basketball.”

At the start of the club’s process for their episodes, they brainstorm ideas as a group. After that, the club divides the topics up and review the emailing and interviewing process. 

Stubbs, one of the teachers that helps with the club responds to the process saying, “It can be difficult to fit one more thing into the schedule, so the goal is to work in small groups to produce different segments of the episode. Then our editors pull it all together; we are currently in this step of the process for our first episode.”

Due to the fact that most students are new to this club, most students had to be taught important journalism skills for the episode to come into production. 

Jessica Trier, another communication advisor who runs the club responded to this saying, “ We do have to go over some skills, especially if students have not taken Intro to Journalism or Journalism Productions.  These skills might include questioning and interviewing, writing, and of course, working with the camera.  Each person brings different backgrounds and experiences to CC, so we also have a wide array of what students can teach each other, so it’s not always Mrs. Stubbs or I doing the ‘teaching’  In fact, we are learning more from watching the students teach other students.”

Sophomore, Raegan Nelson, joined the club to go outside of her comfort zone. At the moment she is learning how to operate the camera but hopes to dabble in editing and reporting too. 

Nelson says her favorite part of the club is, “The people, the club has a really good environment and it’s really easy to share ideas.”

Angel Lindell was approached by Stubbs to join the club but learned about it from friends in the club. Lindell’s  role in the club, as she states, is a “field worker.” She enjoys interviewing and broadening the people she talks to. 

Overall, Lindell says she’s learned a lot being in the club, “ I’ve had to leave my comfort zone. I really hate directing people, especially people I don’t know that well because I used to be really bossy and I don’t wanna be like that, but I’ve learned that there’s a difference between getting things done and being bossy. I think that’s a very valuable thing to remember. Especially when you have to work with other people because you don’t wanna be too pushy but you also don’t wanna give them no idea of what needs to be done.” 

If there is anything that Stubbs and Trier want, it is for the students that participate in Comet Communications to take these lessons with them outside of school. The reading, writing, listening and overall communication skills will better prepare them for anything in their future. 

Trier hopes students remember, “ Whether a student goes into Journalism as an adult is not our goal…it’s simply to allow students to work on these skills to better prepare them for any job in the workforce.”