Positive Covid Outcomes

Lindsay Cam


Olivia Moody, Newspaper Editor

Delayed Graduation: Lindsay Cam and the class of 2020 walks to the football field for the graduation ceremony. This took place June 28, 2020.

The past 11 months have brought a lot of new changes to Lindsay Cam’s life: graduating high school, entering college, reevaluating, and then selecting a different school. 

A part of the class of 2021, Cam’s exit from North Polk High School happened on the football field in socially distanced circles, far from what she and all of the other students had been dreaming about for years. 

Covid-19 also caused a change of plans when it came to furthering her education. “At first my whole plan was to go to Iowa State University for business, but my plans changed once I realized I wouldn’t be getting the full college experience,” replied Cam. 

After Cam’s decision to not go to Iowa State, DMACC seemed like the better choice. Next to Iowa State where she would pay room and board for online classes, DMACC’s affordability drew her in. 

While attending DMACC, her plans changed once again. “While doing online classes I realized I hated what I was doing so I enrolled at PCI Academy, which is where I’m currently going to school. I [transfered out] of DMACC at the end of first semester so I could attend PCI in January.”

While Covid-19 has impacted almost everyone in a negative way, Cam found the light at the end of the tunnel. After her semester at DMACC, she realized that a major in business was not for her. Before Covid-19 she thought her life would lead her to sitting happily at a desk with a degree from Iowa State. While the degree part of that scenario would be true, the happiness would not follow. 

Cam had always thought that going to Iowa State or any four-year university was what she had to do to become successful, with the onset of the pandemic that mindset changed. “I didn’t want to be stuck at home listening to my teachers talk about something I didn’t care about. It made me realize what I actually wanted in a school. So I knew PCI would make me so much happier because it’s so hands-on, and I’m much more passionate about what I’m learning about!” 

Lindsay Cam posing with products that she uses at PCI.

PCI is an Academy located in Ames for people looking towards careers within the beauty industry. So far Cam has really enjoyed striving toward getting her license to be an esthetician at PCI. Some of the classes she’s taking are skin phys, makeup and facial classes. 

When looking at the near future, Cam is excited to further her education. “I plan on doing the cosmetology program after I finish the esthetics program in August! I’m not sure if I want to do just hair, or just esthetics, or both, but I really enjoy it all right now!”

Cam is very optimistic about her future within the beauty industry. She is excited to be doing something that is hands-on and engaging. She has high hopes for her long-term future of working in a high-end salon or owning one herself.

When it came to Cam’s future before the pandemic, her outlook was set for a conventional next step. She thought this would lead to a business degree and possibly a stuffy cubicle. At the time this seemed like a good idea, but the unconventional year led to unconventional learning, inspiring her to reach toward her true goals.