New Staff in Town

Get to Know Them: Part One

Alexis Dorsett, Newspaper Editor

This year, the North Polk Staff has 10 new team members. Some were previous workers in the North Polk School District and others are brand new. The new staff members mentioned this week include: Collin Bell, Jacob Wolfe, Kelly Kunzman, Tim TeBrink, and Regina Wieg. Next week’s article will include: Stefanie Kaylor, Michael Kline, Hannah Bengtson, Heather Hartley, and Lori Runkle.

Callin Bell

Collin Bell is the co-director of North Polk’s band program at the high school and the 8th grade band. He previously was a permanent substitute at Southeast Polk Junior High School before he came to North Polk. He felt lucky to be able to be placed in a school district he has student taught-in for fall of 2020. This is his first year teaching, but has already become very active with his students. He co-directs the marching and jazz bands that meet before and after school.

Bell shared “I am here because of all the amazing qualities the North Polk Community has. The other band directors are all so knowledgeable, helpful, and kind people. The student body is so respectful and fun to work with, and the administration is very supportive.”

Jacob Wolfe

Jacob Wolfe is the new high school counselor who works with students at the end of the alphabet (last names M – Z.) Before he worked at North Polk, he was the high school counselor for three years at Southwest Valley High School in Corning, Iowa. He is working at North Polk now to be able to transition to larger schools in the Des Moines area in the future. 

Kelly Kunzman

Kelly Kunzman has been in the North Polk School District for 15 years, but has been working in education for around 30 years. Previously she was an ELA teacher and an Instructional Coach at the middle school. This year, she is now an Instructional Coach half-time at North Polk High School and half-time at North Polk Middle School. She enjoys working at North Polk because “I feel supported by all the students, as well as the community” she mentions.

Tim TeBrink

Tim TeBrink was previously a North Polk Study Hall Supervisor. He is now a Social Studies teacher along with coaching football, track, North Polk Strength and Speed, and helping with FCA. He originally had the opportunity to be the Head Football Coach at North Polk, which led to his family moving to the community from his prior job at Urbandale High School. TeBrink keeps up the Comet spirit by saying “Go Comets!”

Regina Weig

Regina Weig previously worked at West Elementary as a Preschool Associate, but before that she subbed as a Paraeducator at all North Polk Buildings. On Sept. 20, Weig began a new position at North Polk High School as the High School Media Associate. She shared “North Polk is a great place to work.  There are a lot of great people…staff, students and families!”

North Polk School district has many new people and people in different positions. Due to the number of new staff only five of them were mentioned above. Be sure to look next week for part two of Introductions of North Polk’s new staff members.