School with Covid-19


Ben Perschall, JP student writer

This school year, things have been a bit different than the past due to COVID-19. Everyone has to wear masks, socially distance when possible, lunch is spread out more than ever, and some people are doing school online. With all these restrictions and changes, it may seem daunting to hold school at all, but the staff has risen to the challenge to serve students, and so far, things have gone according to plan.

Something this big does not come without its challenges for teachers and students though.

The biggest challenge so far this year has definitely been remembering to wear a mask inside of the school, as I didn’t really go many places during the summer,” commented Wyatt Johnston, a junior. According to the CDC, wearing a mask is one of the most important safety measures against COVID-19, and though at first it seemed odd, it has become the new normal. 

Another large change this year is that the school instated one to one technology, meaning every high school student has a chromebook that they take with them everywhere. This is mainly for the people who are at home so they can learn with everyone else. “I can’t say enough about our teachers [and] the job they have done, they hadn’t been properly prepared for… teaching onsite and online simultaneously… they have gone above and beyond for our students,” said Seth Poldberg, the high school principal.

Teachers also have a “printer budget” this year which means they can only print so many paper copies. Most assignments are online though which makes it possible for online students to do the majority of activities onsite learners can. Teachers have had to adapt to this new teaching model but as the year goes on they have only gotten better at teaching this way.

“A lot has been asked of them and they have done a fantastic job,” Poldberg commented. Until the first day of school, many kids had not seen each other since March, which was months ago. Most are thankful to see each other again, and that really shows in how people have treated each other. Poldberg said, “It just felt great to see the kids interacting with each other, that social connection that hadn’t been there for months was renewed.” Reopening schools has taken a lot of work, but so far, things have gone according to plan.