Precautions as Holiday Season is in Full Swing

Heidi Schoenberg, JP student writer

As the holiday season rounds the corner North Polk High School has been preparing  for an upswing in Covid-19 exposure. Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on American lives, so North Polk has worked hard to find the most effective precautions students can take on the holidays to keep everyone safe. 

School, this year, has been very different from the past. Students have had an experience of new school rules like mandatory masks at all times to protect the students and facility. 

“We feel the mitigation strategies currently practiced in our schools, such as required face masks and increased cleanings, are helping to ensure a safe environment for all,” Dr. Mart, North Polk Superintendent, said in an email to the school district. These guidelines have been in place since the first day of school.

Not only has North Polk done everything to keep students safe during these unsure times, they have created a comprehensive plan for safety recommendations during the holiday season.

“We are asking families to help us keep our school community safe and healthy by encouraging your children to extend these practices beyond our walls – please wear a face mask when social distancing of at least 6 feet can not be met,” Dr. Mart stated in the same email sent out to the district, “We can not control what happens outside our facilities… we are asking for your help in upholding these safety measures over the weekend and beyond the school day.”

There will be multiple students traveling to see family and they have instilled a couple precautions themselves to to keep Covid-free. Sydney Houston, sophomore, and Hannah Houston, Senior, are sisters that will be traveling outside the state. 

“We are going to be wearing masks the whole time and since the drive is only 6 hours we probably won’t be stopping at a gas station or for food,” Sydney said about their drive out to Branson, “We are going there with my cousins that we have not seen in two years, so the majority of the time will be spent with them in the cabin… we are also not going or having Thanksgiving with anyone but ourselves.”

North Polk staff and students have been working hard at protecting this district and most people comply with these recommended precautions. These are weird times for people but as long as everyone works together as a community the district will be safe.